Florida releases a climate-change action plan

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While the U.S. Congress has failed to pass legislation that would establish CO2 emissions reduction goals, individual states have been getting busy. 

According to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, at least 31 states have created plans that outline climate-change “mitigation” goals.  The plans outline a mix of policies directed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, from forest restoration efforts to energy-efficiency improvements. 

Last week, the state of Florida became the latest to jump on this new climate-planning bandwagon.

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Why acclimate?

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There are lots of climate science blogs. But they’re mostly run by climate scientists. Or by people who have been following climate science for durations that are as close to glacial as the human lifespan allows.

For them, words like feedback, albedo and thermohaline need no translation. For many of the rest of us, they might as well be from a Martian lexicon. 

Climate science and climate change, though, are very much about the earth – the only place in the universe fit for human dwelling, so far as we know. Yet, despite efforts by newspapers and other media sources to educate the public about what is known – or unknown – about climate change, confusion abounds. 

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